Bulk Landscape Material - We can deliver


  • Sold by the HEAPING bucket scoop!
  • Sold at half or full cubic yard scoops
  • *1 scoop covers ~100 sq ft, 3-4" deep
  • *1 scoop weighs 600-800 lbs.
  • In peak season we carry: Pine, Cedar, Double Ground Oak, Brown, Red and Black Dyed Mulch

Natural Stone

  • Sold per pound
  • Flagstone, Edgers, drywall stone, boulders, cobblers and river flats available

Decorative Stone

  • Sold by half or full cubic yard scoop
  • *1 scoop covers ~ 100 sq ft, 2-3" deep
  • *1 scoop weighs around 2300 lbs
  • Varieties Include: Multi-Colored Rainbow, Alabama Sunset, Gray trap, Pioneer Creek
  • **Weed barrier also available for purchase

Plants, Soil, Decor and More

Chiminea and Planter Pots

Authentic from Mexico
Bring the campfire to your back porch with this unique clay Chiminea.

Soils and Shrubs

  • Soils in bulk: Screened Top Soil that we keep covered, Compost and Compost garden mix
  • Shrubs: Hosta, Hydrangea, daylilly, butterfly bush, drift rose, Mums, ornamental grasses and evergreen trees
  • Selection may vary

Landscape Materials

  • 1" clean limestone gravel
  • Base (crushed) gravel
  • Sand
  • Red Sunset
  • Black Granite
  • Iowa Glacial