Lawn Care: Weekly Mowing, Edging and Air-sweep Services

Lawn Aeration
Soils naturally become compacted which reduces air space and root growth. Aeration should take place in the spring or fall growing seasons. A healthy lawn should be aerated at least every three years.

Lawn Dethatching
Clippings naturally create a thatch layer over time. Dethatching should be done periodically as the thatch layer exceeds one-half inch. Dethatching should take place in conjunction with overseeing.

Overseeding allows new grass to be added to your yard. The best season for overseeding is fall and has the best results with aeration or dethatching.

Landscape Cleanup and Mulching
We offer clean up of landscape beds, shrub trimming, mulching or rocking. Cleanup and mulching typically takes place in the spring to freshen the appearance of your property for the growing season. Trimming takes place in the spring or fall, depending upon the clients preferences. Rock beds can be added or freshened any time of the year.

Leaf Removal
We offer clean up and removal of leaves on your property. Leaf removal takes place in the spring or fall each year.

Landscaping Installation and Design
We offer installation of plantings and sod turf. We have teamed with local nurseries to provide design and shrub selection when needed.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
We offer a full service mowing and trimming crew to maintain your yard.

Shrub Trimming
Trimming typically takes place in the fall season, but may be completed in early spring before growth starts and hot temperatures arrive.

Weed, Insect, and Fungus Control
Our certified specialist can assess your weeds, insects and fungus issues and provide you with a plan of correction.

Irrigation Activation
Our service technicians come to your property to activate / turn on the irrigation system, set watering times, adjust heads and sprays and check the system for overall performance.

Back Flow Testing
Our service technicians come to your property and conduct a certified backflow test on residential or commercial backflow preventer to meet your water providers requirements. We can provide this service on an as-need basis or when we activate or winterize your irrigation system. Most water providers are moving to the activation season for this test to be conducted.

Mid Year Irrigation Check-up
We visit your property to review the irrigation system and adjust watering times, head and sprays if needed. This service can aid in the health of your yard and landscaping while potentially saving you money on your water bill.

Irrigation Winterization
Our service technicians come to your property, turn off the irrigation system and flush the water from your system to prevent any damage during freezing temperatures.

Low Voltage Lighting
We offer a full line of quality low voltage lighting to enhance and accent your property and landscaping features.